What happened to Jonny's Place?

On September 14, 2016, after (almost) 14 years of operation Jonny's Place was shut down.

And by "Jonny's Place was shut down" I mean "SRB2 netplay tonight at 9!".

And by "SRB2 netplay tonight at 9!" I mean "Jonny's Place, the message board, NOT the Minecraft server nor JPTV, was shut down."

Traffic to JP has all but stopped for the past two years. My own interest in running a message board had waned as well. It was high time to let go and move on. I thought about making one last post, or maybe one last "going away" stream, but I decided against what would just be a sad cry for attention. No, swift and painless. That's how this happens.

What will happen to JPTV?

JPTV is still active, living on as a spin-off site. Check it out here Its server is not online 24/7, try connecting on weekends. For more info add me on skype.

What will happen to the Minecraft server?

The vanilla, whitelisted Minecraft server will stay online forever. It's still very active, and has one hell of a map. I won't be getting rid of it. If you want to join, contact me on skype to be put on the whitelist.

The current IP address for the server is

I will be adding a status widget to this page soon.

Shout Outs

I would like to thank the following people for making JP fucking awesome over the years:

Closing thoughts

It was worth it, and had I the chance I would do it all over again!

Along the way I learned a hell of a lot. I turned the skills I picked up making JP into a successful career in web development. And I met lots of interesting people.

I'll miss you guys. My life would not have been the same without you. For eternity I will consider you my friends.

And eternity, my friend, is a long fucking time!

So long,
-Jonny Axehandle